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31 Jul 2016
Froth Lyfe - Sailing Nandji

We had arrived travelling nationwide in our bus called Froth. After couple of years of this we thought what next. We are really not the type of humans looking a full time job, 2.5 kids plus a white picket fence. Therefore we bought Nandji. 

Sailing the world

Nandji is our Roberts 40 sloop cutter rigged yacht.
We love to everythin regarding the ocean. I enjoy surf and Bonita enjoys having a crack on those smaller days. Were both keen divers and love our spearfishing. So living with a yacht sailing type of appeared like may well idea.
This Youtube channel is all about our journey and our life living on Nandji. The globe just got a good deal smaller... Follow us to learn the way to sail and experiencing the ocean whilst checking out the coast of Australia and shortly overseas!

Sailing the world


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